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The El Portal Woman’s Club works to help improve the Village of El Portal and engage the neighborhood in community initiatives. The club's success lies in the manner in which it's organized. Without the division of committees, the work would not be nearly as effective. The Woman's Club encourages everyone to be active in the organization and join a committee - it's also a great way to get to know your neighbors!


The Fundraising committee is dedicated to philanthropic efforts of the organization, coordinating charitable events that involve the entire community and encourage participation. The GFWC El Portal Woman's Club has actively been involved in many charitable movements throughout the years and these efforts symbolize their values as an organization.

The club regularly supports the Hacienda Girls Ranch in Melbourne, Florida. Established in 1968, the organization shelters about 45 girls, ranging from 10 to 17 years old in residential homes on a 25-acre campus. They are based on the premise that all girls left homeless should be given the opportunity to develop emotionally and physically with unconditional acceptance. The club also actively raises funds for pancreatic cancer, among other charitable causes.



Our Public Relations committee is in charge of creating and implementing a plan to get the word out about the club's initiatives and news, with the purpose of raising community awareness and involvement. This committee is responsible for advertising and promoting all the club's activities.

In addition to maintaining the website and calendar of events, the PR committee also raises club awareness through the facebook page and neighborhood forum nextdoor. The committee also develops event promotions and communications to encourage community attendance and participation. In the winter, the committee organizes the annual "I Love El Portal" Photo Contest, to raise awareness and commemorate our beautiful village.



The finance committee is in charge of all monetary matters between the Village of El Portal and El Portal Woman’s Club. Although a non-profit organization, they ensure that financial activities take place in compliance with guidelines of section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. The financial committee collects annual dues paid by members in accordance with the club rules. They are also responsible for voting for committee members and contributing to approving General Fund Budgets. The committee provides financial oversight for the organization such as budgeting, financial reporting and planning, and monitoring that financial expenditures are being spent as planned.



The Membership Committee’s duties include recruiting and welcoming new members. They are responsible for growing the GFWC El Portal Woman’s Club membership and making sure community members are informed about what the club is and its mission. They are also involved in helping to organize monthly business meetings and socials, often involving philanthropy and community service.

They committee determines the status of active and associate members, facilitates the application process, collects annual dues, and assist in making sure all committees are running smoothly. This committee also ensures that active members are informed of all requirements for being a member, new members are informed of what is expected of them to retain membership, and all members feel like they are part of a tight-knit community where they are supported.


Outdoor Dolls:
The Outdoor Dolls is a sub-committee to the Membership committee, responsible for member outreach initiatives. They host activities to gather members together to bond and have a good time, many of these activities focused on enjoying the natural beauty around the Village of El Portal and surrounding communities. The Outdoor Dolls host weekly socials for members on Sunday mornings, such as bike rides, walks, and kayking, in addition to helping organize monthly community service events and meetings.



As an official member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, they lead community service projects and then discuss ways to improve and further these goals during meetings. They are heavily involved in educational, philanthropy and community service efforts and coordinating all committees to be aligned when facilitating certain events. The Program Chair oversees and assigns duties to all community service program sub-committee chairs. They promote programs for visual arts, dance, music, and theatre and arrange projects to create a greater understanding of local resources available to the Village.

They are involved in projects for arts, conservation, education, home life, international outreach and public issues and submit a monthly article of club activities to the Public Relations Chair to promote community service for the aforementioned areas.


  Education is one of EPWC’s biggest concerns. As a whole, the Woman’s Club is always working to make further improvements in the area of education and bring awareness to the community. One of the most successful events hosted by the Club is the Upper East Side Education Fair. With a number of households in the community with children, educational options are a concern to many. EPWC’s Education sub-committee works closely with area schools to educate the community on the variety of programs available so they can navigate the school system to make the best choice for their children.


Photo credit: Véronique Koch, 2017 Photo Contest Nature Category Submission

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